Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important for your solar panel installation. Dirty panels could be costing you significant amounts of money! Dirty solar panels have been proven to reduce the power output from solar installations, and all major solar panel manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning to ensure that the maximum amount of energy can be captured.

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Solar panel cleaning is one of the many services that C-Thru Window Cleaning offers. Get the most out of your investment by ensuring that it’s performing at peak efficiency.

Solar Panel Cleaning Minimizes Losses in Efficiency

We’ve found that when it comes to solar panels, the cost benefit of increased solar panel function significantly outweighs the cost of periodic maintenance.

Unfortunately, dust is a way of life in the Central Valley. According to the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), solar panel output declines approximately 15-20% in areas where dust from farming operations occurs. We recommend quarterly or monthly (June-first rains) cleanings of solar panels to minimize the losses in efficiency that can occur.

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